Save Men’s Track & XC Video

This video was made to remind everyone why we are fighting this fight… why we are trying so hard to keep our team together. Spread the word… spread the link… spread the video. Thank you for those who participated in the video… and thank you to those who have been with us every step of the way so far. I hope that you not only enjoy the video, but that you may also find inspiration, comfort, and reassurance as well. Thank you.


Look at ALl the Love

Thank you to all the teams who have taken the time to show love and support for the Men’s Track and XC teams! We appreciate your support… you have all given us strength, courage, and hope as we continue to fight for our team.

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Petition for saving the UMD Men's Track & XC teams

Sign our petition here! Please include a reason, as well. Every time a person signs, an email is sent to President Loh and Kevin Anderson. Lets try and get 7000! But the more the better! Go Terps!

More Support from Fellow Universities

From the Highest peak in Colorado and as the former head XC coach for Men and Women at the University of Maryland years ago! UMD is where track and field started from the Pre Fontaine days running indoor track in Cole Field House and University of Maryland sweeping the Nationals meets back in the day. The track team must not go for the sport of Track and Field!




CBS Baltimore Video

All varsity teams will compete through this school year. Any cuts would take effect on July 1. Weijia Jiang reports.

via University Of Maryland May Cut Several Sports Teams.

Baltimore Media Publishes Interviews Track & XC Athletes

Cuts will diminish Maryland if solutions can’t be found

Maybe to you it’s no big deal.

Maybe you’re not an athlete on one of the eight teams the University of Maryland might cut because of budget problems.
Or maybe you don’t have a kid at College Park who’s affected by all this.

So you think: so what? Can’t the school live without men’s tennis and track and field, and women’s water polo and acrobatics and tumbling?

Is it the end of the world not to field swimming and diving teams for both sexes?

No, probably not. It’s not like they’re getting rid of the library. Or shutting down the classrooms or labs. Or — God forbid — closing some bars on Route 1. You want to see campus outrage? That last one would do it.

But if you believe in the value of competitive sports, if you believe they enrich the college experience and promote all those corny ideals (dedication, teamwork, sacrifice for the common good, etc.) we’re always trying to drum into the pointy little heads of our kids, then you realize this: Maryland is a diminished university if these cuts go through.

Read the rest of the article here.

 CBS Baltimore:

University Of Maryland May Cut Several Sports Teams

Cutting popular sports. That’s the proposal at the University of Maryland College Park to solve some serious budget problems. As Weijia Jiang explains, students and alumni are not going down without a fight.

If these proposed cuts go through, eight varsity Terrapins teams will be completely slashed, upsetting many students and alumni.

“Students aren’t happy about it,” said Staci Armezzani.

The commission tackling the athletic department’s financial crisis recommends the school cut eight of its 27 varsity teams, including men’s cross-country and track and field.

Read the rest of the article here.

Runners Supporting Runners

University of Michigan and SMCM women’s cross country teams showing support for the Maryland Men’s teams.

In a Washington Times article, Terp alumni expressed their frustrations and disappointments with the possibilty of the men’s teams being cut. We appreciate their love and support and efforts to help save our teams.  

“I can’t imagine the University of Maryland without a men’s track and field team. I’m biased because I spent so much time competing for the team. It was four of the greatest years of my life, and I credit that time for making me the man I am today.”

 “As much as it would pain me, I think my relationship with the school would be zero. I’m a season ticket holder for football and basketball, [and there’s] no way I would renew them. I’d have no track team to support, so no reason to come to campus or spend any money on merchandise. School was more than just track for me, but I wouldn’t feel like a Terp anymore.”

– Dontae Bugg, UMD T&F Alum

 “With what Maryland track means to me, this bothers me. … It’s almost like losing a child. It’s beyond words.”

– Andre Lancaster,1977  200m ACC Champion

See the rest of the article here.

Look At Our Alum Support

We Need Your Help

Save UMD Cross Country and TrackEarlier today, the University of Maryland Track & Field and Cross Country teams found out that their men’s programs may possibly be cut after the 2012 season. But at Maryland, it isn’t just a Men’s team that is separate from a Women’s team — we are ONE team and we won’t let go without a fight because we are more than just a team… we are a family.

These are the people we study, practice, and travel with. We cook meals together, fight together, celebrate together. But more than anything else, we pick each other up and stick together through good and bad. We are a family. So in our quest to keep our family together, this site will be dedicated to all the support we can get to save our Men’s teams.

We are planning to set up a Paypal account and any help, whether it is donations or just spreading the word about what we are trying to do and what we are trying to save will be helpful and very much appreciated. Stay tuned for updates.

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